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Valparaiso Business Litigation Lawyers

Business disputes can quickly evolve into litigation. If your business is involved in any type of commercial dispute, from breach of contract to theft or misappropriation of trade secrets, you should be represented by a business litigation lawyer with the skills and experience to achieve a positive result for you and your organization. 


Contact Valparaiso business litigation attorneys at Millbranth & Bush to discuss the specifics of your case.

We represent clients in all types of corporate and commercial disputes, including those involving:

  • Business dissolution

  • Partnership disputes

  • Breach of contract

  • Supplier disputes

  • Product delivery disputes

  • Product compliance disputes

  • Construction disputes

  • Property disputes

  • Non-compete disputes

  • Trademark litigation

  • Trade secret litigation

  • Confidentiality agreements

Our business litigation practice is part of our commitment to providing business clients with comprehensive legal services. When a dispute is headed to court, our clients know they can rely on us to thoroughly research and prepare the case and advise them on how to achieve a positive result.

We are experienced negotiators who will work to reach a fair settlement in the mediation process, so you can avoid the time and expense of a bench or jury trial. If a fair settlement is not possible, we have the knowledge and ability to take your case to court.

When it comes to business litigation, our clients appreciate working with a law firm they know and trust. We would like to get to know your business's legal needs. Please contact the Valparaiso business litigation attorneys of Millbranth & Bush, Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

Contact Millbranth & Bush today for help!

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