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Valparaiso Probate Attorneys

Northwest Indiana Estate Administration Attorneys

At Millbranth & Bush Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we understand the value of planning for the future when it comes to wills and trusts. Still, the unexpected is bound to happen. If you are struggling with probate law issues and need exceptional service, understanding and guidance through this difficult time, our Valparaiso probate attorneys can help.

We are committed to providing each individual and family we represent throughout Northwest Indiana with the highest standards of care and the quality results they need in difficult probate matters. 

Distributing Assets And Settling Debts In Probate

Probate may be either a court-supervised process or an unsupervised process (where the court has minimal contact or involvement in the probate process) by which property and financial assets are gathered and distributed among beneficiaries once an estate's owner has passed away. If the estate has various claims against it in the form of debts, taxes, estate administration expenses or judgments, then the property is typically used to settle those liabilities as well.

The probate process can take months to complete depending on the complexity of the assets that must be distributed and the nature of any disputes that arise between beneficiaries, heirs, personal representatives and agencies that have claims against the estate (such as various creditors or property title holders).

Working with an experienced probate lawyer can help you achieve results efficiently while you act in the best interests of all parties. We are here to personally provide the information and guidance you need through all stages of estate planning and probate to help you make the most educated decisions possible.

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