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Valparaiso Child Support Lawyers - Serving Northwest Indiana

Porter County Child Support Order Enforcement Attorneys

Millbranth & Bush Attorneys and Counselors at Law represents individuals and families in child support issues related to divorce and family law proceedings. Our firm's dedication to achieving favorable results is built on the belief that each of our clients deserves personal attention, care and quality when it comes to the legal issues that affect their loved ones.

We welcome you to contact our Porter County child support attorneys online or by telephone. 

Determining Child Support In Indiana

Child support is regulated by rules and guidelines that clearly outline the amount of money that a noncustodial parent may be required to pay to a custodial parent to care for a child. While this financial support is necessary to assure that a child is adequately and appropriately cared for, the payments should reflect the financial ability of each parent as well.

Couples can achieve more customized solutions in negotiations of settlements outside of the courtroom when alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, are employed. Judges are also able to deviate from standard payment calculations when specific needs or modifications are proven in a court of law.

Our experienced lawyers can help you reach agreements or settlements that work for you and your family by thoroughly assessing child support issues such as:

  • Each parent's financial resources, income and employment status

  • The financial security and living standards of the married couple prior to the divorce

  • The child's needs related to education, safety, physical health and mental health

  • Each parent's living arrangements which may include remarriage or blended households

We work hard to help each family reach divorce and child support agreements that consider all aspects of each party's well-being. We set them up for financial success, whether child support payments are made until the child turns 19, or if modifications are made as each party's life changes after the divorce is final.

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