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Valparaiso Contract Dispute Lawyers

Northwest Indiana Contract Litigation Attorneys

Millbranth & Bush Attorneys and Counselors at Law represent individuals, business owners and commercial entities in litigation caused by contract disputes. Our Valparaiso contract dispute attorneys, Steven M. Bush and Russell D. Millbranth, handles cases throughout northwest Indiana with dedication, knowledge and exceptional skill in finding cost-effective favorable solutions to complex litigation matters.

With more than 75 years of combined experience in all aspects of business law, including transactions and litigation, our firm can protect your business interests to the fullest extent of the law.

Recovering Damages In Breach Of Contract Matters

Contract disputes arise when the terms of a contract are unclear and difficult to interpret, or when one party fails to uphold the terms of a contract, also known as breach of contract. While it is ideal to find a resolution outside of third-party representation, this does not often lead to lasting success. Cases often need to be taken into courtroom proceedings to assist in the enforcement of contract terms and the recovery of damages for the party that has suffered from a breach of contract.

A resolution for breach of part of a contract or for an entire contract may be reached through various court-ordered remedies when mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods do not suffice. A contract may be canceled entirely (called rescission), a breaching party may be ordered to perform certain activities or financial damages may be awarded to one party.

Each case is unique and requires close attention to detail and personal attention from an experienced lawyer. We confidently handle contract disputes of all types, including those related to real estate, buy/sell agreements, employment agreements, commercial contracts, vendor agreements and shareholder agreements, among others.

Contact business law and contract attorney Russell D. Millbranth, anytime, to discuss how we can help you. 

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