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Valparaiso Elder Law Attorneys

Indiana Asset Protection Planning Lawyer

As more and more people live longer and healthier lives, more of us need to consider elder law issues, such as planning for long-term health care and intergenerational wealth transfer.

At Millbranth & Bush, we understand these issues are often difficult to discuss whether you are in your 40s or 50s or have been retired for many years. We help our clients address these issues in a positive fashion.


We provide comprehensive elder law services, including:

  • Financial planning and asset protection

  • Wealth transfer

  • Medicaid planning and resource spending

  • Medicare

  • Long-term healthcare planning

  • Transfer of wealth endowments

  • Wills, living wills, and estate planning

  • Guardianships, conservatorships

In recent years, there have been changes to laws affecting the transfer of assets prior to application for Medicaid. For example, the "look back" period is now five years with respect to asset transfers in complying with Medicaid eligibility requirements.

We stay abreast of recent elder law changes and develop strategies to help you maintain your lifestyle while transferring assets to family members in the manner most advantageous to all concerned.

At Millbranth & Bush, we take our elder law practice seriously. Clients appreciate the depth of our knowledge and breadth of our experience in elder law issues and the respect and service we provide to each client. 


Contact Valparaiso elder law attorney Russell D. Millbranth today to schedule a consultation.

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