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Valparaiso Family Mediation Lawyers

Mediation or arbitration provides opportunities for parties to resolve disputes and settle disagreements outside of the courtroom setting, often at a substantial savings in time, money, and aggravation.

We take great pride in our ability to offer these legal alternatives to parties seeking to mediate settlements to either domestic or non-domestic disputes. Our professional mediation attorneys can help the parties reach a resolution to even complicated legal disputes. To learn more about mediation and arbitration, please review the material below or contact our family mediation and arbitration attorneys.

Mediation is an informal way of helping people resolve their own conflicts. It's an alternative to the adversarial nature of litigation.

Mediation is a process recognized and encouraged by our Supreme Court to assist parties in a dispute to discuss and explore options to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. If mediation is successful, the agreement the parties have reached is considered final and can be incorporated into a binding court order.

How does mediation work? Our professional and impartial mediators will meet with the parties and their lawyers and assist them in reaching a mutually accepted resolution of the dispute. The decision-making authority always rests entirely with the parties. A mediator will help identify and clarify the issues, explore possible solutions, and guide the parties to reach an acceptable solution.

Family Mediation

Attorney Steven M. Bush is a registered family law mediator who has practiced law for more than 40 years. He provides effective service in all types of domestic mediation, including:

  • Support

  • Child Custody

  • Parenting Time

  • Property Divisions

  • Post-Decree Issues


Arbitration is an alternative to litigation in which the two parties and their attorneys attempt to resolve a dispute in the presence of an arbiter. Arbitration can result in a judgment in the case or the parties can decide to pursue litigation.


Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in the arbitration process and have served as arbiters as well.

If you are interested in alternatives to litigation, please contact our Valparaiso Family Mediation Attorneys and arbitration lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

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