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Spousal Maintenance / Alimony Attorneys


Will you pay or will you receive spousal maintenance (alimony) if you get divorced? Are you receiving less spousal maintenance than your are supposed to as stated in your divorce decree or settlement agreement? We can help you understand these questions and many others.


Millbranth & Bush, LLC helps people with spousal maintenance and alimony-related family law issues in Northwest Indiana. 


The payment of spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, may or may not be required in your case. The court will consider factors such as the length of the marriage, and the ability of a spouse to support herself or himself when answering the question of spousal support. We can help you review your situation and discuss your options. If you have questions about spousal maintenance or alimony contact us today for a free consultation with our full-service family law firm. We can help you understand the different kinds of spousal support or alimony in Indiana.


Contact Millbranth & Bush To Understand Your Options


We serve clients throughout Northwest Indiana. We offer free initial consultations and flexible appointment schedules.

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