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Valparaiso Juvenile Law / CHINS - Child In Of Services Lawyers

CHINS stands for a child in need of services, defined as a child who is under eighteen years who is not getting the kind of care they should be. CHINS also covers those that are generally abused or neglected.


Here are some of the types of cases that fall under CHINS:

  • Born with disorders as a result of the parents drinking or taking alcohol during pregnancy

  • Child living in a home where there are illegal drugs

  • Child who is a danger to themselves and others

  • Children endangered by something parents either did or did not do

  • Missing child

  • Sexual abuse victims

CHINS law can be complicated. In most cases, the child in need of services tag is for situations where the child does not get the services or care that they should be receiving from their parents. It could be that the parent are either unwilling or unable to provide the care, or cannot give it without a court order.

Are you involved in a CHINS case? Laws that surround child service cases are clear, but a parent is entitled to have representation in a CHINS case. At Millbranth & Bush - we can help. When it comes to your child or children, don't leave anything to chance. Contact us today for help with your CHINS - child in need of services case.

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